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Scientific Editor

Dr. Khadija Ali Baayo \ Assistant Professor (Plant Ecology)\ Former faculty member, Botany Department-Faculty of Science-Misurata University-Libya.\ Now: Retired.


    Praise be to Allah, (Alhamdulillah) who made it possible for me to complete this site after years of continuous work, research and auditing., I thank my husband Mr. Lutfi Jaafar for his cooperation and understanding of me throughout the work, I thank Dr. Osama Balto for providing me the place in the data entry stage, Thank you to my sister, and Dr. Layla Elmajdoub, and her children Moni and Loli for providing complete convenience in the data entry stage, Thank to Who taught me origins of scientific research and love of science. Prof. Fawzi Salama, Prof. Mounir Abdel-Ghani, Prof. Salah Al-Najjar, And all my teachers, Thank to my students, my friends, colleagues, relatives and neighbors
CV: Academic degrees:Ph.D.: Ph.D. Plant Science (Plant Ecology) 2005, Assiut University-Egypt. Thesis title:(PHYTOSOCIOLOGICAL AND FLORISTIC STUDIES ON SALLUM AREA, EGYPT)

Master degree: Master of Botany (Plant Ecology) 1996 / College of Science (Misurata)\ Bachelor degree:Bachelor of Science (Biology) 1991 / College of Science (Misurata)

Academic jobs: Member of the faculty of Botany Department, College of Science, Misurata University, from (October 1996) to (March 2012)., Head of Botany Department, College of Science, Misurata University, from (July 2009 to March 2012)., Optional retirement (starting from August 2012)., Stages of website preparation (Flora of Libya) from 2015 to 2019., Courses that have taught: (Plant Morphology-Plant Taxonomy-Plant communities-Flora of Libya-Plant Geography-General Plant Ecology)

The scientific activity: First: Researches\ A-Researches in Arabic

Salama, F. M., Al-Sall, M. M., Mustafa, S. F., Baayo, K. A. (1998) The effect of air pollution from car exhaust on trees and shrubs in the city of Misurata-The first conference on environmental problems (14-16) April 1998-Mutah University-Jordan.

Al-Sall, M M., Baayo, K. A. (1998) plant diversity in the sand dunes and sabkhat Gasr Ahmed, Misurata. The First Natural Resource Conference-(27-30) November-1998-Sirte-Libya.

Baayo, K. A., Qalous, N. M., Al-Wakashi, N.K, Al-Naas, A. A. (2006) Monogenric Families in Flora of Libya (Floristic Analysis) 13th Congress of the Arab Biologists Union November 2006, Aswan-Egypt.

Baayo, K. A., Mleitan, S. A., Shafter, F. A., Al-Taib, M. H. (2007) Floristic Analysis of Libyan plants. The second conference for basic sciences-November-2007-Faculty of Sciences-University of Tripoli-Libya.

B-Researches in English

Salama, F.M, El-Soul, M.M, Baayo, Kh. (1998) Impact of cement dust pollution on some plants growing in the region between Musrata and El-Khoms-Libya. 1st World congress of health and urban environment. (6-10) July 1998-Madrid-Spain.

Salama, F.M, Abd El-Ghani, M.M., El-Naggar, S.M., Baayo, Kh. A. (2003) Floristic composition and Chorological Analysis of the Sallum area, West Mediterranean, Egypt. The 10 th International Conference of Union, Arab Biologists (4-11) October 2003, Al-Morkab University, Libya).

Baayo, Kh. A. (2008) Floristic composition of Sahara Area in Libya. The Third International Conference of the Egyptian Society for Environmental Sciences. (8-9) July 2008. Ismailia-Egypt.

Baayo, Kh. A. (2008): Floristic composition and Phytochorological Analysis of Misratah area, Libya. Assiut Univ. J. of Botany 37(2), P-P. 33-78

Baayo, Kh. A., Okab, F.I, El-Konedy, A.M., El-Kreby, A. M. & El-Sheikh, M.Y.(2009): Floristic composition and phytosciological study on Mediterranean coastal strip region at Misratah-Libya The First International Conference of Biological Sciences (ICBS 2009) 4-5 March 2009, Faculty of Science-Assiut University-Egypt.

Second: Participation by attendance

The Second Conference of Natural Resources (October 2000, Al-Jafra, Libya).

The first herbria conference (March-2004, Cairo-Egypt).

The Second Saudi Science Conference (March-2004, King Abdul-Aziz University-Jeddah-Saudi Arabia).

The eleventh conference of the Federation of Arab Biologists (September-2004, Cairo University-Egypt).

The Third Conference on Environment and Natural Resources (May-2005, Taiz University-Taiz-Yemen).

The Sahara Conference (March-2007, Sebha University-Libya).

Workshop on valuing and optimizing biological diversity (September 2007, Faculty of Science, University of Sebha, in cooperation with the universities of Sousse, Tunis, and Char Lomani, Belgium)

The third scientific conference for basic sciences (April 2009-University of the Al-Jabal Al-Gharbi-Gharyan-Libya).

The Fifth International Conference on Environment and Development in the Arab World (March 2010, Assiut University-Egypt).

The second international conference for the preservation and development of natural heritage (December 2010, Association of Nature Reserve Lovers, Ain Shams University-Egypt).