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Allium blomfieldianum Asch. & Schweinf.

Allium blomfieldianum Asch. & Schweinf., it is a bulbous geophyte and grows primarily in the subtropical biome., Life Form: G, Flowering in: Apr-Sept., Vern: ——  Phytochoria: Near Endemic, The native range of this species is NE. Libya to N. Egypt.  Notes: Wild in Libya.

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Distribution in Libya
Marmarica Plateau
 Reported in Marmarica north-eastern part of Libya by Pampanini 1930 Kamout region 2021


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Record of Allium blomfieldianum 2021
Saaed, M.W.B., EL-Barasi, Y.M. & Rahil, R.O. (2021) An updated checklist and quantitative analysis of the Marmarica Plateau flora, in the north-eastern part of Libya. Phytotaxa 509 (1): 001-055.,

An updated Marmarica Plateau flora 2021