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Astragalus crenatus Schult. / Heterotypic Synonyms: Astragalus corrugatus Bertol., it is an annual herb,  prostrate to ascending, sparingly adpressed-hairy to glabrescent, up to (30) cm long. Leaves 3-5 (-10) cm long, with 11-19 leaflets, stipules hyaline lanceolate or triangular-ovate. 3-4 mm long, sub glabrous, leaflets (3-) 5-10 (-12) mm long, oblong or linear-cuneate, retuse. Flowers 5-8 mm long, violet to whitish, on 1-4 (-7) flowered.  pedunculate racemes, shorter or longer than the subtending leaves. Caly 3-5 mm long, tubular-campanulate with teeth up to half as long. Pods (25-) 30-40 (-50 x (2-) 3 mm. almost cylindrical,scmicircular or arcuate, hooked or with a short mucro at tip, glabrous, with prominent reticulated veins (ridges). 10-20 seeded.  Life Form: Th,   Flowering in: Mar-Apr,   Vern:————,   Phytochoria: SA+SZ+IT, The native range of this species is N. & NE. Tropical Africa to Pakistan.    Notes: Wild in Libya.

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Distribution in Libya
Zliten-Misurata Plain Sirte Plains Benghazi Plain
Misurata (Sassu Valley) 2016 E.of Taworgha, end of Wadi Soigen 1978 Ajdabia (Al-Bedan) 2016
Al-Jufra area Ghat area 
Hun 2008 Ghat, Ak-Barkat 1976


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