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Bolboschoenus maritimus (L.) Palla / Homotypic Synonyms: Scirpus maritimus L., it is a perennial or helophyte herb 0,4-1,2 m tall, rhizome stiff, spreading, richly branched with cormose swellings; stem base swollen; stem sharply trigonous, 0,2-1 cm, lower half with green leaf sheaths with brown slightly hairy throat, leaves shorter to longer than stem, blades flat, 2,5-4 cm long, 0,5-1 cm wide, scabrid on keel and margins. Inflorescences 2-3, compound, open, each with 20-50 golden brown to reddish brown spikelets 5-6 mm long; achene subtrigonous, convex-sided, with 3(2) style branches. Achenes medium to dark brown, rarely yellowish or whitish, obovoid, biconvex, or concave-sided,  2.3–4.1 × 1.9–2.8 mm.  Life Form: G,   Flowering in: Mar-Des,   Vern: Dis, Smar,   Phytochoria: Cosm, The native range of this species is Temp. & Subtropical.    Notes: Wild in Libya/

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Distribution in Libya
Al-Jabal Al-Akhder
Gubba, Ain Mara, El-Hania 1934 Barce to Tolmeta 1939  El-kouf area 1984  El-Hamamah toBiada 2003  


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