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Centaurea furfuracea Coss. & Durieu , Life Form: Th, Flowering in: Mar-Apr,   Vern: —–, Phytochoria: SA, The native range of this species is N. Africa.,  Notes: Wild in Libya, in the pre-desert area.

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Distribution in Libya
Zliten-Misurata Plain Sirte Plains Jabal Nafusa
Misurata 2006 Wadi Kaam (Estuary) 2022 Reported from Sirte arae by Pampanini (15 km) before Ras Lanuf, (3 km) from Ajdabia to Ojalah 1978 Wadi Kaam (Dam & lake) 2022
Al-Qibla area  
Wadi Nesma region 2009 Wadis South of Mizda 2013


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