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Juniperus phoenicea L.// Immediate children: Juniperus phoenicea ssp. turbinata (Guss.) Nyman,   it is a monoecious   evergreen shrubs or trees,  up to 8 m tall. Bark on older trees brown, exfoliating in strips. Twigs 1 mm diameter, round, scaly, leaves both whip and scale-like. Whip leaves on juvenile plants, 5-14 × 0.5-1 mm, acute mucronate, with two stomatal bands on both adaxial and abaxial surfaces. Scale leaves on adult plants 0.7-1 mm long, ovate-rhombic, closely appressed, obtuse to somewhat acute, with an oblong furrowed gland and a scarious border. Seed cones 5-9 mm diameter, ripening in the 2nd year, globose to ovoid, changing from blackish to green or yellowish, sometimes slightly pruinose; dark red at maturity. Seeds (3-)7-9(-13) per cone.  Pollen shed February-March  Life Form: Ph,   Flowering in: Mar-Apr,   Vern: Arar,   Phytochoria: MED, The native range of this species is SE. & E. Spain and NW. Italy, Corse (SW. Mallorca), E. Sardegna.   Notes: Wild in Libya, medicinal plant, Endangered Plant in Libya.

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Distribution in Libya
Benghazi Plain Jabal Nafusa Al-Jabal Al-Akhder
Wadi El-Ghattara 2010   Between Slouk and Al-Abiar 2016 Sharshara 1978  Msallata (Shaafeen) 2008  Msallata National Park (Shaafeen) 2013  Msallata-Garaboulli Province 2020 Susa 1919  Wadi Lathrun, Gubba, Massa 1934  Wadi El-Kauf 1937  Wadi El-Tair, (15 km) E. of Al-Marj to Baida, (24 km) W. Derna to Susa 1967  Wadi Mahbool 1973 Shahat 1977  Gasr Libya 1980  Wadi El-Kauf 1982,1985  Wadi El-Kauf to Baida, Wadi Qolaa, El-Fatiah to Derna 1985  El-Kauf area 1984  Wadi Al-Agar 1999 Wadi Zaza 2003  El-Hamamah to Biada 2003  El-Bakur 2007  Wadi (Valley) Stowah region 2007  S. AL-Marj 2011  Al-Dercya, Wadi El-Akar, Shahat, El Fadil Abou Omar, Wadi Algharega, Slonta, Qandulah, Al-Marj-Al-Baida motorway, Wadi El-Kouf 2011   Al-Mansora 2013  Valley Jarjr-oma 2013  Wadi El-Kouf 2014  Between Labrag and Shahat 2014  Wadi Haboon 2015  Wadi Belkaf-Bata 2016  Slonta,Wadi El-Agar 2016   Susah, Shahat, Sidi Ahmad Al-Hemery, Al-Marj-Al-Baida motorway, El-Beida (Belghra), Wadi El-Kouf  2017  Wadi Jarjar oma, Al-Mnsora 2017   Wadi Derna 2017   Assdod, Wadi Balarid, Wadi Butuma, Al-Tayes, Wadi Al-Aesh, Wadi Kaab 2018   Wadi Om-El-Amaym 2019   From Nuqrat Said to Wadi Al-Zagzoog, From Zawiet Tamula to Al-Manarh, From Lustata to Beshtaya 2019   Al-Abiar (Sidi Amohamed forest) 2020   Al-Teneen area northwest of Al-Marj 2020  Ain Mara 2020  Wadi Al-Kouf 2021   Al-Mansura to Settia 2021   Al-Jabal Al-Akhdar 2021
Marmarica Plateau
Marmarica-north-eastern part of Libya 2004


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