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Lotus peregrinus L., it is an annual herb similar to the Lotus halophilus Boiss. & Spruner but more robust, leaflets larger. Peduncles shorter and thicker, usually not exceeding the subtending leaf in flowers. Pods (1.5) 2-3(-4) mm thick,± terete, 2-4 (-5) cm long. Seeds 1.5-3 mm in diam, yellow to greenish.  Life Form: Th,   Flowering in: Mar-May,   Vern:—————,   Phytochoria: MED, The native range of this species is Sicilia to E. Medit.    Notes: Wild in Libya.

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Distribution in Libya
Sirte Plains
Reported from Sirte area, Wadi Faregh, Maatan Risam by Pampanini and Keith


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