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Medicago laciniata (L.) Mill ,  it is an annual herb, 15-35 cm long, branching from near base, stems prostrate, glabrous or sparsely pilose. Central leaflets up to 15 x 7 mm, cuneate. Stipules deeply incised or laciniate, lower surface covered by simple hairs. Flowers 4-6 mm long. Calyx with teeth shorter than tube. Petals, standard ovate, wings shorter than keel. Pod globular or cylindrical, coils 5-7, spines 2-4 mm long, grooved basally, without partitions between seeds.  Life Form: Th,   Flowering in: Feb-Apr,   Vern: Aouinet el hanesh ,   Phytochoria: S.Cosm, The native range of this species is Macaronesia to Ethiopia and Tanzania, S. Africa, W. & SW. Asia to W. Himalaya.   Notes: Wild in Libya.

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Distribution in Libya
Al-Jafarah Plain Zliten-Misurata Plain Sirte Plains
Sabratha region 2020 Misurata 2006 Sirte 2015, 2016
Benghazi Plain Jabal Nafusa Al-Jabal Al-Akhder
Between Slouk and Al-Abiar 2016  Soloq (Beir Bullerjam) 2022 (26 km) from Nalut 1975  (2 km) S. of Mizda 1977   Misallata (Shaafeen) 2008   Msallata-Garaboulli Province 2020   Wadi Kaam (Main course) 2022 Al-Baida, Gernada, Labraq 2021
Marmarica Plateau Al-Qibla area Al-Jufra area
Reported in Marmarica north-eastern part of Libya by Pampanini 1930  Marmarica (north-eastern part of Libya) 2002 (121 km) from Mizda to Al-ghariat 1977 Wadis South of Mizda 2013 (50 km) from Hun, (30 km) N. Waden 1973  Gara Al-Tifarni, (23 km) from Weshka 1975


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