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Sedum bracteatum Viv.

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Sedum bracteatum Viv.  , it is an annual, green or reddish glandular-hispidate or glabrous herb, erect, up to 3-10 cm long, simple, ± densely leafy. Leaves oblong-linear, 10 x 2.5 mm, alternate, sessile, not or little spurred, obtuse and largely papillose at the top. Inflorescence uniparous cyme, ± arcuate-recurved, 3-8 flowered. Bracts similar to leaves, ovoid, 3.5 x 2-4 mm. Flowers 5-merous, 7-8 mm across, sub sessile or with pedicels 0.5-2 mm long. Sepals greenish to reddish, connate at the base, triangular, 1-2 mm long,  sub-acute or little acuminate. Petals 5-5 .5 mm long, Stamens 10, sub equal, shorter than the petals; anthers sub globose, blackish purple, 0.5-0.7 mm long.   Life Form: Th,   Flowering in: Apr-May,   Vern:——-,   Phytochoria: Endemic, The native range of this species is NE. Libya. Notes: Wild in Libya.

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Distribution in Libya
Benghazi Plain Al-Jabal Al-Akhder
Road between Al-Kuwayfiah and Daryanah, N.E. Benghazi 1968 Barce, Cirene, Slonta, Lamluda 1933  El-Merj, (24 km) from Derna to Shahat 1978  S. of AL-Marj 2011


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