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Vicia narbonensis L., it is an annual herb, up to 20-50 cm, pubescent, erect, firm. Lower leaves without tendril, with 1 pair of leaflets, the upper ones with branched tendril, with 2-3 pairs of leaflets 2-3 cm wide, oval, entire, stipules almost entire, often spotted. Dull purple flowers, darker on the wings, large, 1-5 in small, very briefly and petiolated clusters, much shorter than the leaf. Calyx with unequal, erect teeth. Corolla 10-30 mm, dark purple. Pods 30-70 x 10-15 mm, black or brown, glabrous with tuberculate-dentate pubescent margin. Seeds 4-8, 4-6 mm; hilum 1/8 of the circumference.  Life Form: Th,   Flowering in: Feb-May,   Vern:————–,   Phytochoria: MED+IT, The native range of this species is Madeira, Medit. to Central Asia and W. Himalaya.    Notes: Wild in Libya.

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Distribution in Libya
Zliten-Misurata Plain Al-Jabal Al-Akhder
Misurata 1978 Gaber Jera 2013   Sidi Abu-Ras 2017   Al-Abiar (Sidi Amohamed forest) 2020


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