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Amaranthus blitoides S.Watson., plant annual, glabrous, and grows primarily in the temperate biome.

Life Form: Th

Flowering in: Jul-Nov


Phytochoria: S.Cosm

The native range of this species is Central & E. Central U.S.A.

Notes: Introduced in Libya

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Distribution in Libya
Al-Jafarah Plain Jabal Nafusa area Marmarica Plateau
Al-Hdaba Treatment Plant Tripoli 2016 Souq Al-Gomaa 10 km east of Tripoli- and Ain Zara 20 km east of Tripoli 2016 Msallata-Garaboulli Province 2020 Marmarica (north-eastern part of Libya) 2002 Dafna region (Tobruk to Msaid) 2008


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