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Asperugo procumbens L., it is an annual plant up to 50 cm tall, the stem and branches fistular, striate, scabrid with setose retrorse hairs, the leaves shortly petiolate, lamina decurrent, 20-80 x 6-19 mm (including petiole), oblanceolate to broad lanceolate, acute to obtuse, hairy on both surfaces with subappressed hairs up to 1.0 mm long, arising from a swollen base., Life Form: Th  ,   Flowering in: Feb-Apr ,   Vern:  ,   Phytochoria: S-Cosm  , The native range of this species is Medit. to Temp. Eurasia.  Notes: Wild in Libya.

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Distribution in Libya
Tripolitania Jabal Nafusa
Reported from Tripolitania by Pampanini Gharyan (Sedrores Mountains) 2020


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