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Atriplex portulacoides L. / Syn. Halimione portulacoides (L.) Allen., A very whitish mealy small, straggling shrub to 80(-150) cm., Life Form: N.Ph, Flowering in: Jun-Jul, Vern:, Phytochoria: MED, The native range of this species is Canary Islands, Europe to Medit. , Notes: Wild in Libya.

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Distribution in Libya
Zliten-Misurata Plain Sirte Plains
Misurata 2006 Sirte 2015, 2016
Al-Jabal Al-Akhader Marmarica Plateau
Birccess 2011 Reported in Marmarica north-eastern part of Libya by Pampanini 1930 From Tobruk to Egyptian Border 1999


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