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Caroxylon tetragonum (Delile) Moq./ Homotypic Synonyms Salsola tetragona Delile, it is a subshrub and grows primarily in the desert or dry shrubland biome. Life Form: Ch Flowering in: Sept-Oct Vern:Phytochoria: SA, The native range of this species is N. Africa to Israel. Notes: Wild in Libya, a desert species  common in sandy ground, medicinal plant.

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Distribution in Libya
Al-Jabal Al-Akhader Al-Qibla area
Derisia (Talmeta),Tocra, Al-Bakur,Barce, Shahat-Susa,Susa-Derna 2016 Wadis South of Mizda 2013
Marmarica Plateau Ghadames area
Reported in Marmarica north-eastern part of Libya by Pampanini 1930 Bir Acheim, Bir Belamed 1933 (2 km) from Al-Tamimi to Tobruk 1977 Marmarica (north-eastern part of Libya) 2002 Dafna region (Tobruk to Msaid) 2008  Ain Migzim, (10 km) from main road and turning of main road from Ghadames 1975


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