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Catananche arenaria Coss. & Durieu, Life Form: Th, Flowering in: Mar-Apr,   Vern: Geez el Ghazal, Phytochoria: SA, The native range of this species is W. & Central Sahara.,   Notes: Wild in Libya.

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Distribution in Libya
Al-Jafarah Plain Sirte Plains Jabal Nafusa
Wadi El-Atal 1975 Bir el Churgia, Misurata–Sirte road 1958 Weshka, (27 km) from Weshka 1975 Msallata (Shaafien) 2017
Al-Jabal Al-Akhder Al-Qibla area
From Zawiet Tamula to Al-Manarh, From to Lasastata and Bishtaya 2019 Al-Abiar (Sidi Amohamed forest) 2020 Wadis South of Mizda 2013


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