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Matthiola sinuata (L.) W.T.Aiton , it is a biennial plants, in reasonably sheltered sites can grow to a height of 30cm, but often they are spreading in form and rather broader than they are tall, Flowers of Sea Stock have four pale-lilac petals, which have a very faint scent (difficult to detect in typically breezy coastal conditions!). Seedpods are up to 12 cm long when fully developed, and they are slightly curved. The grey-green leaves and stems are coverered with thick grey down., Life Form: Ch ,   Flowering in: Mar-Apr,   Vern:——  ,   Phytochoria: MED, The native range of this species is W. Europe to Medit.,  Notes: Wild in Libya. limestone rock species, Doubtful in Libya.

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Distribution in Libya
Al-Jabal Al-Akhder
Gebel Akhder, Apollina Pampanini & Sermoli Gorge between Cyrene & Apollina 1939  Wadi Lathrun, Derna-Susa costal road 1968  Wadi Mahbool 1973


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