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Ouret lanata (L.) Kuntze / Homotypic Synonyms: Aerva lanata (L.) Juss. ex Schult., is a perennial herb, occasionally woody below, prostrate to erect, 0.3-2 m, Life Form: N.Ph, Flowering in: —-, Vern: —-,  Phytochoria: Tr.+S.Tr. (Africa, Asia), The native range of this species is Africa to Tropical Asia.,  Notes: Wild in Libya

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Distribution in Libya
Jabal Al-Uweinat
Jabal Al-Uweinat region 2008


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Alzwai, A.M.H. (2008) A study of the vegetation covers of the Jabal Al-Uweinat region in Libya. Master Thesis – Botany Department – College of Science – Garyounis University – Libya. (In Arabic)