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Pistacia lentiscus L.,it is a shrub or tree the  evergreen,1 to 5 m high, with a strong smell of resin, growing in dry and rocky areas., Life Form: Ph, Flowering in: Mar-Apr, Vern: Battoom, Phytochoria: MED, The native range of this species is Canary Islands, Medit., Notes: Wild in Libya, medicinal plant, Endangered Plant in Libya.

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Distribution in Libya
Benghazi Plain Jabal Nafusa
(55km) from Benghazi to Tokra 1972 (50,60km) E.Benghazi 1975 Safaet, (57km) from Gharian 1974 Msallata (Shaafeen) 2008 Msallata National Park (Shaafeen) 2013 Msallata (Shaafien) 2017 Msallata-Garaboulli Province 2020
Al-Jabal Al-Akhader
Tokra 1967 Near Taknis, 1967 Al-Bakur 1968 Wadi El-Hussaien, Ras-El-Hilal to Shahat 1967 El- Bakur 1968 Wadi El-Kouf, (5km) W.of Baida 1970 Taknis 1972 Shahat to Susa 1973,1974,1977 (7km) from Shahat 1977 Al-Ghareeb,(10km) before Baida 1977 Wadi El Mahbool 1973 Beida, Beida to Marj 1970 El-Kauf area 1984 Wadi Al-Agar 1999 Gebel Akhder 2002 Wadi Zaza 2003 El-Hamamah to Biada 2003 El-Bakur 2007 Wadi (Valley) Stowah region 2007 Al-Dercya,Shahat, Wadi El-Akar,El Fadil Abou Omar,Wadi Algharega,Qandulah,Al-Marj-Al-Baida motorway,Wadi El-Kouf 2011 S.AL-Marj 2011 Al-Mansora 2013 Valley Jarjr-oma 2013 Wadi El-Shees 2014 Between Labrag and Shahat 2014 Ras El-Hilal, Wadi Morqus 2014 Wadi Belkaf-Bata 2016 Barce, Derisia (Talmeta), Marawa-El-Merj 2016 Wadi Zaza, Wadi Al Ager, Wadi Jarjar Amma, Wadi Ras Al-Hila 2017 Al Mansora and Jarjar oma 2017 Shahat,Sidi Ahmad Al-Hemery,Al-Marj-Al-Baida motorway,El-Beida (Belghra),Wadi El-Kouf 2017 Wadi Derna 2017 Assdod, Wadi Balarid, Wadi Butuma, Al-Tayes, Wadi Al-Aesh, Wadi Kaab 2018  Wadi Om-El-Amaym 2019 From Nuqrat Said to Wadi Al-Zagzoog,From Zawiet Tamula to Al-Manarh 2019 Al-Abiar (Sidi Amohamed forest) 2020 Al-Teneen area northwest of Al-Marj 2020 Ain Mara 2020 Wadi Al-Kouf 2021 Al-Mansura to Settia 2021


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