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Raphanus raphanistrum L., it is an annual herbs, (20-)25-60(-75) cm tall, often hispid, Roots not fleshy, Stems erect or prostrate, usually retrorsely hispid, Basal leaves with petioles 1-6 cm; leaf blade oblong, obovate, or oblanceolate in outline, 3-15(-22) × 1-5 cm. , Life Form: Th,   Flowering in: Jan-Apr,   Vern: Fajal barri ,   Phytochoria: Cosm , The native range of this species is Europe to Medit. and Central Asia.  Notes: Wild in Libya, radish or charlock is a weed of cultivated areas.

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Distribution in Libya
Al-Jafarah Plain Jabal Nafusa Al-Jabal Al-Akhder
Tripoli 1977  Sidi-Omeer 2016 Gasar Akhiar, Ghanima 2016 Wadi Jarjar-Omma 2017


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