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Soda schweinfurthii (Solms) Akhani Homotypic Synonyms: Salsola schweinfurthii Solms,  is a perennial green desert species. Life Form: Ch, Flowering in: Apr-Aug, Vern: —–  Phytochoria: SA, The native range of this species is Egypt to Arabian Peninsula.   Notes: Wild in Libya.

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Distribution in Libya
Zliten-Misurata Plain Sirte Plains Al-Qibla area
(3 km) before Misurata 1977 (60 km) before Bugrain 1975 (25 km) before Derj 1977
Marmarica Plateau Ghat area 
Msaid 1975 Ghat (Between Acacus and Tassili Mountains) 2004 Wadi Tanezzuft 2012


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