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Cladium mariscus (L.) Pohl , it is a perennial, to more than 1 m.  Rhizome creeping  sturdy. Stem to 6 mm diam., with more than 10 internodes, terete, hollow, smooth, grey green. Leaves arranged spirally along whole stem length, up to nearly equalling stem, basal sheaths, e.g., 15 cm, hard, persistent, grey-brown or blackish brown, blades often more than 50 cm, 5-9 mm wide, unifacial, flat or folded, grey-green, midrib below and margins sharply scabrous, apex long-attenuate, trigonous, scabrous. Inflorescence of partial inflorescences in more than 6 leaf axils, upper overlapping, bracts much longer than partial inflorescence, except at stem apex, partial inflorescence a compound anthelodium, occasionally much elongated, to 15 x 10 cm, peduncle to 25 cm, primary branches (0-) 25-100 mm, secondary branches to 35 mm, ending with cluster of spikes or tertiary anthelodium, tertiary branches to 15 mm, mostly ending with cluster of spikes,  ultimate branches with bracts, 3-5 mm, and tubular prophyll, cluster of spikes by 3-14, mostly sessile spikes; spike fusiform, c. 4 mm, glume-like bract c. 1 mm, glume-like prophyll c. 1 mm, lowest 2-3 glumes sterile, 1.2-3 mm, in axil of 4th glume a unisexual flower with two stamens (occasionally bisexual), in axil of 5th glume a bisexual flower with, mostly, two stamens and pistill, mostly tristigmatic. Nut 2.9-3.3 x 1.4-1.6 mm, fusiform, yellow brown, smooth, glossy, base more or less differentiated disc, apex conical. Life Form: G,   Flowering in: Apr-Aug,   Vern:———-,   Phytochoria: Cosm, The native range of this species is America, Azores, Temp. Eurasia, N. Africa, Australia to SW. Pacific.    Notes: Wild in Libya.

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Distribution in Libya
Al-Jafarah Plain
Ain Zara 1912, 1913   Tajura 1912, 1931


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