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Deverra denudata (Viv.) Pfisterer & Podlech / Homotypic Synonyms:  Pituranthos denudatus Viv., it is a grayish green shrub, up to 2 m tall, woody at base. Life Form: Ch, Flowering in: Feb-Apr., Vern: Gazzah, Phytochoria: SA, The native range of this species is N. Africa to NW. Mauritania., Notes: Wild in Libya, a desert species.

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 Distribution in Libya
Al-Jafarah Plain Zliten-Misurata Plain Sirte Plains
Wadi Al-Atal 1976 Tripoli 1978 Tripoli, Wadi El-Kharwa 1978 Jafara Plain (Wadi Ghado) 2015 Al-Karariem 1967 Wadi Kaam (Estuary) 2022 (23 km) W. Sirte 1975, 1976
Jabal Nafusa Al-Qibla area Ghadames area
Jado 1970 Wadi Malah, (10 km) feom Nalut 1972 (10 km) N.E. of Derj  Wadi Kabao 1972 Kabaw, Jado, Rumia 1974  Kabao, Ain Rumia, Jado,El-Kafs, (15 km) from Yafran,(25 km) fron Nalut to Wazen 1974  Gharian 1975 (4 km) before Gharian, Rumia 1975 Jado 1976 (15 km) from Shakshuk, (4 km) S. of Nalut 1976 Between Sinawan and Shakshuk 1977 Al-Gusbat 1978 Gharyan (Sedrores Mountains) 2020 (16 km) from Mizda to Al-Ghariat 1977


(5 km) from Ghadames to Berber castle 1976
Al-Jufra area Ghat area 
(52 km) from Bugrain to Hun, (12,15,82 km) from Bu-njim to Hun 1975 (35 km) before Wadan 1978   (30 km) from Wadan 1978 Ghat (Between Acacus and Tassili Mountains) 2004 Wadi Tanezzuft 2012


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