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Trifolium arvense L., it is an annual or biennial plant, up to 5-40 cm, pubescent-whitish or reddish, with applied hairs, slender, erect or diffuse. Upper leaves sessile, with oblong linear leaflets, denticulate at the top, narrow stipules with free linear awl-shaped part. Whitish or pinkish flowers, very small, in ovoid or oblong heads, obtuse, numerous, pedunculated, hairy-silky. Fruiting calyx with globose tube, very hairy, with hairy throat, not calloused, with feathery teeth, spreading, setaceous, almost equal, much longer than the tube. Corolla shorter than the calyx. the fruit 1.5 mm long,  dry but does not split open when ripe.  Life Form: Th,   Flowering in: Mar-May,   Vern:————,   Phytochoria:  ES+MED+IT ,  The native range of this species is Macaronesia, Europe to Central Asia and Iran, N. Africa to NE. Tropical Africa.    Notes: Wild in Libya.

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Distribution in Libya
Jabal Nafusa Al-Jabal Al-Akhder
Gharyan (Sedrores Mountains) 2020 Tocra 1933  Al-Merj 1922  Wadi Al-Bakur 1933  (20 km) from Baida 1978   Wadi Al-Agar 1999   Wadi (Valley) Stowah region 2007   S.AL-Marj 2011  Wadi El-Kouf 2016   Wadi Om-El-Amaym 2019


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