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Trigonella anguina Delile , it is an annual herb, usually prostrate in habit, provided with multiple rampant stems that can reach 40 cm in length in very favorable conditions. Leaves trifoliolate, obovate leaflets. Very fragrant flowers, with a yellow corolla that barely extends beyond the teeth of the calyx. Pods short, characteristically folded. Seeds ellipsoidal, asymmetrical, glabrous, matte, pale orange in color, with scattered black spots and dots.   Life Form: Th,   Flowering in: Feb-Apr,   Vern: Ahazas ,   Phytochoria: SS, The native range of this species is Canary Islands, Sahara to Pakistan.   Notes: Wild in Libya.

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Distribution in Libya
Sirte Plains Jabal Nafusa Al-Qibla area
Wadi Soofejeen 2017 Sharshara 1976  Wadi Kaam (Main course) 2022 Wadis South of Mizda 2013
Ghadames area Al-Jufra area Fezzan area
Reported from Ghadames by Durand & Barratte Wadi Soda 1973 (98 km) from Sebha to Hun 1973
Ghat area 
Reported from Ghat by Durand & Barratte  Ghat (Between Acacus and Tassili Mountains) 2004   Wadi Tanezzuft 2012


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