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Vicia hirsuta (L.) Gray , it is an annual herbs. Paripinnate leaves culminate in a tendril and provided with – 8 pairs of linear leaflets, narrowly oblong or oblong-elliptical, with a mucronate or tridentate apex. Inflorescence in raceme, almost the same size as the axillary leaf and provided with 2–8 flowers. Calyx with all the teeth of the same size, triangular-subulate, larger than the tube. Corolla c. 3 mm, white, barely bluish. Pods 9–9.4 x 3.3–3.6 mm, brown, almost black, pubescent, subtorulose, compressed, oblong, almost always with 2 seeds. Seeds sub lenticular (2.2-3.65 x 2.1-2.65 x 1.75 mm), smooth, glossy, olivine-green to greenish-ocher in color (in aged seeds), dense or slightly mottled black or very dark brown (in aged seeds). Linear thread, occupying 20–25% of the seed contour, but hidden by the persistent funicle, which remains attached to the seed by the micropylar end of the thread. Lens darker than the seed coat, with the center prominent, located at c. 8mm of the thread.   Life Form: Th,   Flowering in: Apr-Aug,   Vern:———-,   Phytochoria: S.Cosm, The native range of this species is Macaronesia, Temp. Eurasia, N. Africa to Tanzania.    Notes: Wild in Libya.

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Distribution in Libya
Marmarica Plateau
From Tobruk to Egyptian Border 1999


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